Latin Ball Fiesta

Latin Ball Fiesta

It was a Friday night and yet again the question “what should we do tonight” was being tossed around like a football between my friends. Recalling flyers being posted around campus, I suggested attending the Latin Ball Fiesta. None of us knew how to dance to Latin music, but we all love dancing in general, so we assumed we would figure it out when we got there.

We get there, and there were about 15 or so people there. We just started going with the flow and pretending like we know what we were doing. Fortunately, my groovy dance moves convinced two or so people to ask me to dance with them. Unfortunately, my rhythm simply could not match the one’s of my partner(s). I’m not going to make up excuses, but in my defense, I had no prior experience in Latin or salsa dancing. Nonetheless, it was fun to try something new and I had a great time.  

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